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The sweet and loving images of a boy napping with his family dog ​​Theo recorded by a mother will “melt” anyone’s heart.

In 2014, Instagram residents were once “wobbled” with adorable pictures of little Beau and his puppy posted by his mother. Now netizens are once again “heartbroken” when the boy’s mother uploaded a photo of the famous dog Nappers Theo napping with his son with a very cute set of photos.

Some pictures of his brother Beau and his dog Theo once “wobbled” netizens.

“At first, baby Evvie was extremely confused by the kisses and cuddles of Theo dog, but gradually she seems to feel the love and warmth from this lovely dog,” Jessica Shyba – mother the girl said.

Currently, the Instagram of mother Jessica Shyba has more than half a million followers and all realize that the appearance of Beau and the couple’s lovely dog ​​Theo has increased a thousand times. Every day, people still follow Shyba’s mother’s Instagram to look forward to the cute images of the friendship between the babies and the dog Theo.

Let’s see the lovely pictures of Beau and his dog Theo taken by Shyba’s mother while they both took a nap together.

The images have melted millions of viewers’ hearts about the loveliness and closeness between people and animals.

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